Sicily, Italy
It was the early '50s when Leone Bianchi, born in Tuscany and wholesaler of wines, decided to transfer its business to Marsala, to devote to the production and marketing of wines, brandy, grappa and spirits under “Leone Bianchi & Sons”. The family business is continued by his son, Giuseppe, now joined by his son Claudio, and renamed GB Distillati. The company now invests its expertise in “traditional” products, but made with new processes of design, high technology, enhancing the softness and purity of flavour.

In 2004, Claudio Bianchi launches a major partnership with the Averna & Roberto Castagner family and conducted national research to enhance the development of the best native grapes of the vast Sicilian landscape. This includes the application of innovative technologies such as the Grappa System – a system that allows the preservation of the priceless heritage of aromas, ensuring maximum product maceration.

Virtus Limoncello (700ml)

Produced with the rind of organic Sicilian lemons, skillfully processed, this sweet liqueur, absolutely natural, keeps all of the magic of Sicilian land, together with its wealth and the intensity of its fragrances and colours. Alcohol content: 32%.

Grappa Sicilia
Grappa di Sicilia (500ml)

Varietal: Cattarato, Grillo and Insolia. Soft and pleasant, moderate alcohol. To compliment the end of a meal or with desserts. Alcohol content: 38%.

Grappa Zibbibo
Grappa Zibibbo Distilli (700ml) Marsala

Varietal: 100% Zibibbo (Moscato). Intensely aromatic fragrance, sweet and distinct personality. Notes of orange blossom and hints of dates, figs and raisins. Compliments light and flavoured chocolate. Alcohol content: 40%.

Grappa Nero D'Avola
Grappa Nero d’Avola Distilli (700ml)

Varietal: Nero d’Avola. Intense, warm and harmonious aromas of rich red fruit mixed with notes of spice and nutmeg. Enjoy with dark chocolate and desserts, or cigars. Alcohol content: 40%.