Bernard Magrez

Toro, Spain
Forty years spent in the Bordeaux vines have taught Bernard Magrez to be humble when faced with the quirks of nature – rain, hail, frost, disease – and have helped Bernard Magrez understands what the dream of every good winegrower is: excellence. For Bernard Magrez excellence means producing vintages each year that offer a rare elegance and great finesse, giving satisfaction to all my wine-loving friends, be they in France or abroad.

Today, each of Bernard Magrez’s vineyards is ranked in the top four or five in its region by the most distinguished international wine tasters.

This estate, located in the province of Castile, near Salamanca, has vines almost 100 years old. Winegrowing tradition in this area predates the Romans. In the XIIIth and XIVth centuries, Toro was granted the right to sell its wines outside the region, when its wines first became known outside its border. Thanks to their excellent keeping qualities, Toro wines were often shipped to settlers in the Americas.

Paciencia 2010, Toro

Grape varietal: 100% Tinto de Toro. Elegance and balance with notes of herbs, cherry, chocolate and pork reflects in the nose. Strong jet smooth tannins that give a nice long finish with layers of different fruits and minerals. The grapes are hand-picked into crates, manually destemmed, and then sorted on a specially-equipped table. 2/3 of the harvest is fermented in wooden vats. Cool pre-fermentation maceration is followed by traditional, temperature-controlled alcoholic fermentation. Manual punching down of the cap. Malolactic fermentation and ageing take place in new French oak barrels. The wine is transferred by gravity flow throughout all winemaking operations, and bottled by hand.
91 points: Wine Spectator