Bernard Magrez

Katsunuma, Japan
Forty years spent in the Bordeaux vines have taught Bernard Magrez to be humble when faced with the quirks of nature – rain, hail, frost, disease – and have helped Bernard Magrez understands what the dream of every good winegrower is: excellence. For Bernard Magrez excellence means producing vintages each year that offer a rare elegance and great finesse, giving satisfaction to all my wine-loving friends, be they in France or abroad.

Today, each of Bernard Magrez’s vineyards is ranked in the top four or five in its region by the most distinguished international wine tasters.

The village of Katsunuma is located in the eastern Kofu Valley in Yamanashi Prefecture in the centre of the Japan’s main island. The peaks of the (Japanese Alps) are visible from all the points of our vineyard of Isehara.

Magrez-Aruga Koshu 2009, Katsunuma

Grape varietal: 100% Koshu. Rounded, pure and fruity on the nose. The palate is very fruity with a citrussy edge and a hint of pithiness. Some sweetness filling out the mid-palate. Attractive fruit with a touch of mandarin. This white wine is made the traditional way in order to retain maximum freshness and aromatic intensity. The juice is fermented at very low temperature and the wine is not aged for long in order to lock in delicate citrus aromas typical of this grape variety.